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Mobile Phone Repair

🔬 What knowledge will students acquire in this course?

🎯 Analytical thinking and correct diagnostic skills
🎯 Finding the right solution to complex technical and device problems
🎯 Improving soldering and effective repair skills
🎯 Skills to work properly with testing devices

📱 The course program covers the following topics:

✅ Familiarity with the structure and functionality of mobile phones
✅ Basic electronics knowledge and circuit analysis
✅ Logic board, Screen, Camera, etc. familiarization with systems
✅ Familiarization with the rules of disassembling and testing phones
✅ Working with Test/Diagnostic devices and Repair equipment
✅ Practical Repair Methodology

🔵 Course duration: 16 weeks (~4 months)
🔴 Number of lessons: 2 lessons per week x 2 hours
🟢 Age limit for the module: 16+ years (small groups of 3-6 people)
📅 Start time: new groups quarterly (January, April, July, October groups)
📜 Students who successfully complete the course will be provided with a certificate
🎓 The monthly price is 150 ₼