Hard Drive Recovery

Data recovery from Seagate, Western Digital, Transcend, Toshiba, Samsung,Fujitsu, Maxtor and Hitachi hard drives.

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How is data recovery from a hard drive performed?

Recovery of digital data and files from a hard drive is possible in nine cases out of ten. Even if the disk is very damaged, do not rush to despair.
Recovering files from a damaged disk, troubleshooting occurs in special hardware and laboratory conditions.

What to do with hdd disk if data is lost?

In this case, do not panic, do not try to treat it yourself, including disassembling the disk, replacing faulty parts. These methods are harmful: the hard drive is not a Soviet TV.

We recommend not to listen to the irresponsible opinion of non-professionals, including users of forums, blogs and Internet video channels. Most of the good consultants, authors of articles and videos on the net are non-professionals in this field. Their advice is superficial, wrong, and generally risky for a damaged HDD.

If the hard drive is slow, gives errors or has stopped altogether, call the phone numbers listed on the site or fill out an online application and get information about the time, cost and availability of data recovery from the hard drive. .

If you're an experienced PC user, know what's going on with the drive, and have diagnosed the problem yourself, contact our lab for professional advice.